Where Are They Now: Elise Swallow

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Elise Swallow (nee Rogan) was a student at Rehoboth and a member of the Class of 2003.

So Elise, Where are you now?

I’m living in Melbourne, in a quaint bayside suburb called Elwood. My husband, Andrew, and I are renting here while we are doing a grand designs style renovation on a little 5m wide block nearby.

How/Why did you get into Speech Pathology?

I first heard about Speech Pathology while I was having a working/travelling gap year after I finished Year 12 at Reho. I chose it as I did not think there was any better gift you could give someone than speech and communication. So I studied 3 years at Curtin University and then 1year at LaTrobe University in Melbourne. Then 4.5years ago God spoke to me about starting a private practice, so I’ve been running The Voice Within Speech Pathology since then!

What else are you involved with in Melbourne?

We attend Planetshakers City Church and I am involved in the prayer team. I love doing life with similar minded people who are passionate about releasing God’s goodness and kingdom here on earth. I also do my best to support and encourage the women at the North Melbourne Football Club. All the girls are so beautiful on the inside and out, and it is an honour to be on the football journey with each of them.

Elise with her husband, Andrew (also a past student and now Patron of the RPSA)
Elise with her husband, Andrew (also a past student and now Patron of the RPSA)

You had a Rehoboth Romance. Tell us about that.

Well my romance mainly commenced after I finished school, but … he still had another year left. Andrew and I were initially just friends at school and went to youth group together. But then near the end of Year 12, I did find myself becoming more interested in the Year 11’s lunchtime football games and walking past Room JK whenever Andrew was there to pull awkward faces to get his attention. After I finished school we dated for 2years in Perth, then he got drafted to North Melbourne so we did long distance for another 2years before getting married and then I moved to Melbourne also. So I have a lot to thank Rehoboth for!

Favourite Rehoboth teacher and why?

It’s a tight battle between Mr Schneider and Mr DeRidder but seeing as Mr De left half way through my time in high school – I’ll give Mr Schneider the title for stickability. But both teachers were approachable, mischievous, creative, caring and encouraging. They also represented and displayed their love for God in an open and authentic way, which I learnt a lot from Mr Schneider had a way of making history come alive by his famous “Nazi class” or wearing just a nappy and bald cap to become Gandi one lesson.

Favourite Rehoboth memory?

This is honestly a hard question to answer because I have so many positive memories with amazing friends, teachers, camps and school events. But my favourite Rehoboth memory was in Primary School when one of my closest friends (and still is), who was the biggest nerd at school (and still is… she’s now a doctor), had an unseen fit of rage one lunch time and lost the plot with a boy in our class and got in a punching fight with him. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!!


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