Rehoboth Turns 50

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The Wilson Perspective

Both Campuses held their 50th birthday celebrations on Tuesday morning this week. Our CEO, Mr Mark Steyn, opened in prayer and we had the pleasure of listening to Mr Andy Meyerink, one of the students in the original class, reminisce about his days at Rehoboth. The students really enjoyed listening to his stories about the olden days!

Just to show that we have come a long way, we Skyped to Kenwick so that we could be together in spirit as we celebrated. We sang praises to the Lord, and then all the students had an icypole while staff and guests were able to enjoy some morning tea.

It was a pleasure to host some of the founding members as well as two past principals, Mr Ross Patterson and Mrs Lynne Nixon, and Rehoboth’s third teacher, Mrs McArthur, all at the Wilson Campus where they began their journey with Rehoboth so many years ago. These special guests were able to continue telling stories from long ago as we followed the assembly with a delicious morning tea.

Mrs Pike

Commemorative PinThe View from Kenwick

Tuesday morning, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Rehoboth.

The first school buildings constructed were two classrooms at the Wilson Campus, so it was fitting that our guest speakers presented from Wilson. With the help of Mr Beattie and Mr Hunter, Kenwick Campus was able to join in via Skype. Imagine, close to seven hundred students all tuning in at once. Technology was able to create a joint experience for us to celebrate. Quite a stark contrast to 50 years ago when we might have used 2 tin cans and some very long string! From only 23 students and one Campus, though, God has been faithful and has lavished us with an abundant harvest in student population and learning resources.

We were intrigued by Mr Andy Meyerink’s stories of the past. It was brilliant to see how much of an impact Rehoboth has had on multiple generations.

After the formal proceedings, both Campuses were led with some community singing. The Kenwick Campus was blessed by the Senior Worship Band and Wilson was accompanied by Miss Goh. Mr Stirling then lead us in prayer at Kenwick before the whole student population were treated to an icy-pole, while their parents and some of the teachers could stay and enjoy some morning tea.

Students were presented with a commemorative celebration pin. We ask that they wear it proudly and treasure it dearly.

Mrs N Pleysier


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