Board and Staff Dinner

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A dinner was held on the Friday night of the 50th Celebration Weekend. It was an opportunity to bring together both past and present staff and Board members. The evening was greeted with much anticipation and the mood was one of great celebration and uniting of teachers and staff who have greatly impacted the lives of students over the past 50 years.

The gymnasium was transformed into a wonderland of twinkling lights and beautiful decorations, thanks to the creative talent of Mrs Jacqueline Nieuwkerk and her sister Mrs Charmaine Sweeney (who flew from Alice Springs to help with the preparations) as well as Mrs Jody Goiran and Mrs Hannah Dash who also prepared the evening meal. Mrs Sue Rentenaar and her team made sure there was plenty of memorabilia for the guests to reminisce, laugh, and cry over.

The guests were welcomed into the gym foyer by the beautiful harp playing of Miss Jessica Khoo (Secondary Music Teacher) and later entertained by guitar and bongo drums by Jayden de Jongh and Tyler Vivian (students from the Class of 2015).

Mr Frank van der Kooy, as MC, led us through the three speeches for the evening, each pertaining to the “Seed, Nurture, Flourish” theme:

SEED: Mr Eric Swarts, one of the original class in 1966, told us of his memories of Rehoboth in the early days and his recollections of the instrumental role both his parents played in the start up phase of the school.

NURTURE: Mrs Nicole Pleysier spoke about the way in which we at Rehoboth have the privilege of not only teaching the curriculum, but being able to speak into the spiritual lives of individual students.

FLOURISH: Mr Mark Steyn helped us to imagine the next phase of Rehoboth’s history.

It was a wonderful evening largely made possible by the dedication of past students and their families – just another reason for celebrating how we are helping to shape the next generation for His service at Rehoboth.