Concert and Family Fair

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On the Saturday afternoon of our 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend, the Concert was held at the Rehoboth Centre on the Kenwick campus. It was an excellent afternoon of songs, dramas, and fellowship with a huge audience from the Rehoboth community.

One thing that really astounded me over the weekend’s events was the faith of our founding members, who put so much of their time, energy, and resources into building something they weren’t sure would work out. But they trusted God and stuck to what they knew: that bringing up their children in the Lord was vitally important and that God would provide the means for that to happen. As I looked around in a moment of reflection during the Concert, among all the things that were happening I remembered that we were standing on the old bitumen basketball court in a beautiful facility, singing our praises and thanks to God for all that He has done for our community and for His people at large. What a legacy to be part of! What a blessing we enjoy!

It was amazing to see more than 700 people squeezed into the gym and its foyer to watch some of our very talented students perform. It struck me that there must be thousands of people in Perth and abroad who have in some way been touched by the Rehoboth community and its legacy. The vastness of the community stunned me, as well as the willingness of such a large community to come and support the kids, to celebrate, reminisce, and bless this school.

We had performances that included Year 1s all the way up to Year 12s, and even a couple of past students. From songs, to dramas, choir items and guitar ensembles, there was truly something for everyone. The atmosphere in the gym was vibrant and parents and peers alike enjoyed watching the students perform what they’d been rehearsing for weeks in front of the whole community.

As the stage manager, I did not get to enjoy all the items from the audience, but I have some vivid highlights and got to see the rehearsals. One of my favourites was the Year 6 item from the Kenwick campus, “Total Eclipse”. In the rehearsal, I was impressed by how powerful the message was. Often we are distracted by all sorts of things that eventually lead us down a path that is very far from Jesus. However, He is always there, ready to remedy the pain and deal with the sin so that we can be whole. Well done to Miss Gibbon’s Year 6s! The Year 9 students who performed some poetry, particularly Mobina Sadeghian who only joined Rehoboth last year, also impressed me. In the past she has found performing in front of others very scary but was determined to perform at the Concert and worked so hard to bring us a beautiful poem about God’s love for us. The Year 3 class from Kenwick performed a beautiful drama with amazing costumes. I was absolutely floored whenever any of the choirs performed. Even from backstage and in the rehearsals, those students nailed it and really moved me. Considering the Primary Choirs had also performed at the Re-Dedication Service earlier in the day, they were still focused and determined to bring their very best yet again at the Concert. The Year 3-4 class from Wilson who performed “He is No Fool” with shadows did an incredible job and I was so glad to have caught some of it before heading backstage between items. It was stunning and so clever and effective. Excellent work! The Senior Worship Band always leaves me feeling encouraged, and amazed, at how professional they sound.

I was personally very privileged to be asked to help coordinate the Concert, and I found it a very humbling experience. The main reason for that being that there were so many people who were there to help, offer suggestions, not offer suggestions (which sometimes is equally important) but offer a hand, cover classes and duties for rehearsals, make me a coffee, send me a quick encouraging word, help me solve problems, offer technological assistance and so many other things. And it wasn’t just staff members either. I was amazed at the helpfulness, initiative, and skill of several students who helped make the concert run smoothly. Malachi Terpstra, who for example, is an absolute gun at anything technological, and made the beautiful videos that were enjoyed between some items. He came to rehearsals, came early to the Concert to help set up, untangled countless cables, fixed microphone stands, and was generally a solid helping hand in whatever way he could. The Concert would not have been as beautiful between items except for the hours he put into making the videos. Thank you Malachi! Allira Terpstra was another major student influence in the smooth running of the show. She showed maturity and solidarity in organising teachers to bring their students to the right place at the right time. Thank you Allira! Ethan Hunter, despite having to perform in the concert itself, was cool as a cucumber and was ready to help myself and Mr Peletier move set pieces, instruments and props on and offstage. He was possibly the calmest person backstage and always ready for the next thing. Mr Merlo, past student and audio-visual extraordinaire, and Mr de Bruyn worked tirelessly to ensure sound and lighting were perfect. Mr Peletier and Mrs James did a wonderful job backstage. Mr Murray was a fantastic MC. Knowing that all these wonderful people were helping to bring about God’s glory in giving thanks through the concert made me further thankful to be a part of the Rehoboth community.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our students in their performances. It was very encouraging to see so many familiar faces and new faces, and to join together with you to thank God for what he has done through Rehoboth, to celebrate, and to enjoy his abundance.

Mrs Stewart

Family Fair

Spilling out onto the Kenwick campus grounds, the Family Fair kept the spirit of the Concert going in fine style. Poffertjes, fairy floss, popcorn, and cool drinks sated the appetites of many, while students ensured the ice cream man was kept busy for the entire afternoon (seriously, that was one huge queue!).

The warm sun bathing the fair grounds in its golden glow added to the sense of community enjoyed by all. While some tested their mettle on the bucking bull, others tried their aim at the water dunk (especially with Mr B taunting them!). The younger among us enjoyed the bouncy castles, animal farm, face painting, and photo booth, while the older ones enjoyed a coffee and took in the view from a comfy position under the marquee. After a while that view turned into a sea of brightly coloured heads as students proudly sported their free anniversary hat. Live music was provided by our very talented students throughout the afternoon, and 98Five was on hand, giving away lollies and stickers and promoting the anniversary throughout the afternoon.

Eventually it was time to wrap things up, as castles were deflated, the music faded out, and the ice cream man served his last, patient customers. The afternoon was a wonderful experience, made more so by the well-organised volunteer team who spent the time racing about ensuring everything was running smoothly.