Thanksgiving Service

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Sunday afternoon continued the atmosphere of community as we met for the weekend’s final event. The aim of the Thanksgiving Service was to end the weekend giving all the glory to our heavenly Father, looking back on 50 fruitful years and forward to another 50.

A full gymnasium was welcomed by the Hon Nick Goiran MLC, who was our MC for the afternoon. Mr Goiran was part of a team comprised entirely of past and present Rehoboth students who lead us in worship, prayer and a message from God’s Word. A wonderful aspect of this was to see the various generations that have gone, or are currently going through Rehoboth represented on stage – from Mr Eric Swarts, a member of our original class of 1966, to Heather-Grace Ong, currently in Year 3 at the Wilson campus.

Those present worshipped together in song, were treated to an item from Amanda Jacobs and Paul Kennedy, and were lead in a prayer of thanksgiving from Benjamin Peletier before Haydn Nelson, Senior Pastor at Riverview Church, shared with us. Drawing on the well-known Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30), Pastor Nelson showed how the servants whom the master blessed had shown courage and taken a risk to turn what they had been given into something more. It matters to God what we do with what He gives us. This was a strong reminder to continually put Christ at the centre of all things at Rehoboth, so that we don’t forget to do the best we can with the resources He has provided us.

The service was followed by a delicious afternoon tea, which many took as another chance to catch up others and share stories while others took the opportunity to browse the memorabilia and photos on display. It was a fitting conclusion to a busy, but thoroughly enjoyable weekend as we were all reminded of the wonderful blessing of having a school where Jesus Christ is honoured as Lord of all.