Scott de Ridder was employed at Rehoboth between 1990-2001 as the Woodwork and Photography teacher (pictured above with the senior boys basketball team, 1994). 

Mr D, Where are you now?

At the moment Tanja, Taneeka and I are living in Dalyellup, Bunbury. Tanja and I both teach at Grace Christian School; Tanja as an Educational Assistant and myself as a Design and Technology Teacher. I have taken the job of one of my ex-students, Rodney Blennerhassett, who became a D&T teacher after leaving school and who had worked at Grace for some 5 years. 

Are you still in the soft drink selling business?

Since leaving Rehoboth and in which I supplemented my income with selling cools drinks at lunchtimes (“Camp fundraising”), I have now seen the error of my ways, knowing that I probably was responsible for obesity, diabetes and high tooth decay for decades to come. Now-a-days I call it “SPARE CHANGE” in which I collect students spare change at lunchtimes and recess and give this to certain “Mission Projects” which the students can nominate or be involved in. Last year we gave nearly $2,500 to various causes just through collecting spare change, 5c, 10c, 50, $1.00, $2.00 coins.

How long where you at Rehoboth (and what years)?

I was the Design and Technology Teacher of Rehoboth for 11 years, from 1990 to 2001. They were 11 great years of my life with many highs and a few lows. Lots of great students coming through the school, nephews and nieces, and many life-long friendships being established. All of our kids were born during those years but we did lose our first, Alida de Ridder at 22 weeks. Tanja lost her mother just before Corey was born which was a very low point in our life. We thank God for 11 fantastic years overall and He built our characters into the people we are today

Mr D and family (2015)
Mr D and family (2015)

What is your favourite Rehoboth memory?

If I think back to Rehoboth it is full of rich memories. Riding my bike from Thornlie with Melissa Johnson (nee Oswald) every morning and every afternoon. In those days she could ride! To teaching colleagues, Renald “Bruce” Tibben to the Alfred Schneiders and Gary Harris’, to name a few. To life-long friends, students that I taught. The list would be endless. Early morning swimming, developing kids into Olympic champions – well, getting them fit and strong to beat Swan Christian School. All these memories and I haven’t even mentioned the world famous photographers and cabinet makers, chippies and builders that have come through my workshops. So my biggest memories is all about seeing young people succeed in their gifts and become upstanding people of our communities in both their Christian life and their occupations.

The Rehoboth photography “Dark Room” is part of College folklore. Do you miss the old school photography? Any vivid memories of what was a lot of people’s favourite subject?

You talk about history and change! Many memories and maybe even marriages were formed in the closeness of working in that darkroom. Everything purely above board, of course. Our Rehoboth students were responsible and could be trusted 100%. But now in the age of digital photography, it is just not the same. Students miss out on the toxic smells of developer and fixer. Mums no longer are washing out the brown stains of developer all over white shirts and sleeves. People have lost the ability to count, 1 thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand, and then there was that moment when the image formed in front of your eyes like the first sign of spring, the first rains, the first child born in the family. Life has lost moments in history. I’m choking up with emotion!!!

How would you describe Rehoboth to someone who had no idea what the College was about?

Life at Reho was like going to work with friends and family. But the day was surrounded with God moments, bringing Him into every aspect of learning. Work colleagues were close friends and students were young people who you invested time into, bringing out all the gifts and talents that God had planted in them. Rehoboth is a school where we as teachers carried on the work from home and partnered with parents to love and nurture their children. Life at Rehoboth was a privilege that was placed before me to be part of. Thanks for allowing me to share a little of my time and memories at Rehoboth Christian High School.