Re-Dedication Service

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Our Re-Dedication Service was an opportunity to honour the seeds that were sown in the early days of Rehoboth and to remember our humble beginnings. It is always good to reminisce, and we certainly did that!

Mr Rob Geijsman spoke of the years of prayer and preparation by the founding members before the school started with 2 teachers and 23 students on 14 February, 1966. We heard stories of a very different way of “doing school” from Mr Ross Patterson, Mrs Joan McArthur and Mr Andy Meyerink, and were able to see many original artifacts and photos of the early days in the display room. Our combined Primary Choirs sang the song “Soli Deo Gloria”, reminding us of why we are here today.

We then looked forward to the present – Mr Frank van der Kooy painted a picture of a thriving community with wonderful facilities, dedicated staff, and ever-increasing student numbers. Throughout the changes over the years in staff, facilities, students, and teaching methods, one thing has remained constant – Jesus Christ is still firmly at the centre of learning and life at the College and will continue to be so into the future. We praise God for His faithfulness and provision and look forward to His continued blessing on the College in the next fifty years.

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